The Meeting Tree

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Having already spent 2015 playing to packed crowds, being nominated for an ARIA award and formally inducting themselves as the Godfathers of Australian Dance Music (ADM), The Meeting Tree are already following their debut with a brand new EP.

 Life Is Long: Slow Down! was written and recorded at The Meeting Tree’s newly established Alternative Wellness Retreat on the north coast of NSW. As such, the six track EP infuses Raph Lauren’s leisurely production with Joyride’s lyrical reflections on topics like texting your mum when you’re scattered and how Young Thug is an ideal soundtrack for sex.

Where their debut EP r u a cop was an uplifting truth bomb by Sydney larrikins, Life is Long: Slow Down! is written from the perspective of men who have lunched long, lived hard and then travelled up the F3 to open an Alternative Wellness Retreat.

The first single from the EP, I Pay My Tax (I Hate Myself) features Janet English from Spiderbait on vocals and Seamus from Sticky Fingers on guitar. The accompanying video doubles as a promotional tool for the aforementioned facility.

The artists have released the following statement with regard to their new philosophy:

“Life is long.” Says Joyride. “Don’t feel bad about mainly just looking at your phone.”

“Life is long.” Says Raph. “Just because I’m good at it doesn’t mean I enjoy it.”

“Life is long.” Says Joyride. “Repeat simple phrases to achieve gravitas.”

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