Raph Lauren


Raph Lauren is the definition of a Renaissance man. But to call him a man would be a gross and insulting understatement – he’s more akin to an unstoppable cultural force. As the production sensei behind Jackie Onassis, One Day and The Meeting Tree, his beats have graced the ARIA charts, sun-soaked festivals and national radio airwaves while reminding competitors of their mortality and general incompetence.

From bounce-worthy bangers to self-reflective slow-burners, Raph Lauren has developed a sound that continues to impress with its versatility and adventurous spirit. Influenced by bombastic American rap and synth-heavy 90s house, he’s also been recruited to produce for everybody from Allday to Tom Piper to B Wise.

For Raph Lauren, the past 12 months have been the icing on an extremely successful life that would bring tears of joy to any mother’s eyes. 2014 saw the release of One Day’s #2 ARIA album Mainline, later embarking on two Australian headline tours as well as performances at Field Day and Groovin The Moo. In 2015, the success of the group and their ever-growing One Day Sundays block party saw them hand-picked to support Canadian crooner Drake on his debut Australian tour.

Not content with dominating one genre, Raph Lauren upped the BPM with his recent project, The Meeting Tree. Alongside mischievous colleague Joyride, the two were officially crowned as ‘The Godfathers Of Australian Dance Music’ after the release of their groundbreaking ‘R U A Cop’ EP, also nominated for Urban release of the year at the 2015 ARIA’s. The Meeting Tree also embarked on a round of club shows across the country, overseen by esteemed Australian tour mogul Nick Lupi.

Despite all of his successes, Raph Lauren hasn’t let the lavish nature of his major label lifestyle burden his work ethic. Jackie Onassis have just released their debut album, with lead single ‘MIA’ seeing them collaborate with Vydamo – better known as Jim Finn of Art Vs. Science – again showcasing Raph Lauren’s tendency to produce larger-than-life celebratory anthems.

It’s clear that the future holds limitless personalities for the young entrepreneur known as Raph Lauren. Expanding his reach in the industry, he hopes “to further explore the relationship between musicians, multimedia and brands. But most importantly, I’d like to buy some more clothes, more watches and some more jewelry.”

While his sporadic nature makes it difficult to predict what’s coming next, one thing’s for certain: With each piece of lush production and each shirtless Instagram post, Raph Lauren is securing himself a place amongst the Inner-West immortals.