Halcyon Drive



Emerging from the creative melting pot that is Melbourne, the two halves of Halcyon Drive, guitarist/ vocalist Michael and drummer Max, are born innovators: sonic daredevils with a knack for the kind of intimacy that shakes at both the heart and the limbs.

Weaving together summer-soaked melodies and thriving rhythms, Halcyon Drive seamlessly meld garage-toned pop hooks with a unique blend of electronic sounds and intricate instrumentation. Halcyon Drive’s songwriting is both meticulous and organic with a sound that is forever peeking over the edge into a chasm of chaos; the spark that lights the fire, brimming with a rare, off-kilter energy.

Armed with a diverse arsenal of gear, Halcyon Drive’s live show is a fitting theatre for the realisation of a sound which has taken them everywhere from the east coast of Australia to the far-off stages of Moscow City. Scattered with layered live loops and shape-shifting dual drum segments, it’s an experience refreshing in it’s spontaneity, and completely captivating.

Halcyon Drive have only just begun their meteoric transcendence of the borders of the Australian scene.

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